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Here at Balsall Radio we love to push the conventional boundaries of community radio. In the past you have seen us host interviews with current Eastenders star, and child sweetheart Bonnie Langford, not to mention other big names such as ITV’s superstar finalist Jon Moses, ex Birmingham City footballer Martin Taylor and Paralympic record breaker David Moreton, just to name a few. All of this is to provide Balsall Common with first class entertainment right on their doorstep, for example how often is it a figure like Bonnie Langford pops into the village for a coffee?

A few weeks back this mentality was extended in the form of a radio show. After many board meetings, and studio recordings for the 45 jingles! Balsall Radio launched the first and only chart show to feature in Balsall Common, which runs every Friday, 7-9PM.

Now you may be reading this at home wondering why you would want to listen to our chart in comparison to the likes of Capital FM and BBC Radio 1? The reason why you’ll love our chart is that it has a huge relevance to the local community. In a chart for Balsall Common, we can use all of the extremely talented local artists to feature in the chart show. This means one week you may see Justin Bieber in second place, to the wonderful Karl Loxley!

A final note to make is that the chart is completely chosen by the people of Balsall Common. We combine music streaming statistics for the area, twitter and facebook polls to decide the order of the Balsall Radio Chart.

The Balsall Radio Chart features on the show entitled ‘The Friday Night Show’, hosted by Samuel Hughes every Friday evening from 7-9pm. You can click here to learn more about Sam and click here to learn more about the show. 

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Mother’s day is always a special day for most people, and that was no different for Balsall Radio.  On the 26th of March ‘The one and only’ Mike Bentley, from how he is referred to by his fans, placed a lovely mother's day twist onto his show. Throughout the show he gave shoutouts to special mother’s in Balsall Common and the surrounding areas, he played mother's day games and he also threw in a pretty special interview as well! The interview was with current BBC Eastenders star Bonnie Langford who plays the character Carmel Kazemi. To much confusion to some of our listeners we had to explain that Bonnie Langford wasn’t Mike’s mum, even though they are both ‘fabulous’! After the confusion was eradicated, the phone interview began, with Bonnie situated in her dressing room on the set of a recording for Eastenders. 

Mike was originally allocated 20 minutes for the interview, but Bonnie was such a lovely guest which allowed the interview to finish nearer the half an hour mark! Mike and Bonnie had a chin wag about everything from her theatre performances, to her many roles on TV with Doctor Who and her current role on Eastenders.  aeri

We received many warm messages off the lovely people in Balsall Common congratulating the station and Mike, on the interview. Balsall Radio would like to extend its utmost gratitude to Bonnie for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to us, and we will always be here with open arms for another chat and a cup of tea!

The interview featured on The Musical Theatre show with Mike Bentley, that runs from 2-4PM every single Sunday. It features many renowned guests such as Bonnie, and also interview with all of the musical theatre groups in the local area. To learn more click here.



2016 has been a resounding success for Balsall Radio and the time has come to reveal our future plans for 2017. Much of the teams time was spent setting up and organizing the station just how we needed it but now that we’ve done that we can begin expanding and giving you (the listener) a better experience. The following is split into several sections each of which give you an outline of what we are planning to release in the first few months of 2017 – there will be more blog posts to follow outlining further future plans:

Podcasts for select talk shows


One of our most highly requested features from 2016 was the ability to be able to listen to podcasts of previously broadcasted live shows on demand. To begin with in 2017, for select talk based shows, we will be releasing a downloadable podcast on the website that will contain the talk based elements of the previously broadcasted show. For legal reasons we are currently unable to include copyrighted music in our downloadable podcasts however in future this may be become possible. We aim to roll out the following shows to our podcast service in early 2017 with more shows to follow in future: 


  • Carl hemming’s property show.
  • Helen Wilkins-Tims #throwBackBC show.
  • Sandy Ameer-Begs money saving show.

Release date: TBA



As you can probably imagine it costs a lot of money to run a radio station – even more so now that Balsall Radio is growing it’s listener base. In our current state, we are a community based online radio station that relies on donations from local organizations to help pay for our running costs. We are now opening up the opportunity for listeners to extend their generosity with our donations page that will be appearing on our website in 2017. Donations of any amount no matter how big or how small will help the station immensely and will allow us to continue operations. We will also be introducing a small number of perks for donators so keep an eye out for our donations page to see what we have in store for you!


Release date: TBA

Facebook Notifications for live shows


Many of our listeners like to keep up to date on when they can tune into live shows on Balsall Radio. We are making this process even easier with our new facebook notifications. Whenever we go live in 2017 you will receive a notification on all your facebook connected devices informing you that Balsall Radio is live. Clicking on the notification will reveal a show reel of what you can expect from the show with an insight into the presenter and their content. We have created a bespoke show reel for each individual presenter all of which are also available on the Balsall Radio Youtube Channel and Facebook Page if you want to watch the show reel after the notification has disappeared.


Release date: TBA



In the new year we will also be trialing our new chatroom feature. This will allow for easier interaction with the station and the presenters without the need for a Facebook or twitter account. You will be able to chat live with the presenters and fellow listeners and get live feedback from the presenters or even start a conversation with another listener. This feature may take some more time to implement but is still certainly something we are working very hard towards to give to our listeners.


UPDATE: We are now trialing our new chat feature - you can interact with presenters when there is a live show and chat with listeners whenever you like! Click the chat button next to the now playing section at the top of this page to try it out!


Release date: Open now for testing

Song requests


We will also now be allowing our listeners to send in song requests to the station via our dedicated widget on our website (coming in 2017). You will be able to search our song library to see if we have the song you want to request and will then be prompted to request it. The presenter that Is live at that point will receive a notification to let them know that you have requested a song. We can’t guarantee that every song requested will be played but we will try to play as many as we possibly can. Please note that this feature will only be available during a live show (also excludes our omnibus feature and the 24/7 mix).


Release date: TBA



To give back to you, the listeners, as a thank you for listening, we’ll be giving away some goodies throughout the year. All you need to do to enter is to make sure you like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter so that we know you are interested in winning. To have an even better chance of getting hold of one of the prizes we’ll be announcing how you can get another entry in the draw for every friend you invite to like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter. More information to follow on upcoming blog posts.


Release date: TBA

More Balsall Common focused content


One of the major reasons that our listeners choose to listen to Balsall Radio instead of any of the other alternatives is because we deliver local content that is relevant to our audience. We are making this experience bigger and better in 2017 as the Balsall Common Bugle have kindly allowed us to use many of the news stories featured in the Bugle in our radio broadcasts. This means that for you as a listener you will be able to receive local stories in an audio based format which is excellent for on the go or for when your at home relaxing.


Release date: 09/01/17

We hope you enjoy all of these features upon their release and make sure to keep checking back at his page for updates on release dates. From all of us here at Balsall Radio we wish you a very happy new year!

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Mobile Apps

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December 19, 2016

Balsall Radio Mobile Apps

You’ll never miss a show again as you can now access the station from wherever you are via the app on your mobile device. You can listen live to the station on both you Apple (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) device or your android device (e.g. Samsung or similar). This is perfect if you’re on the go or in the car. Simply connect to Bluetooth in your car and fire up the Balsall Radio app on your mobile device.

We are currently experiencing some issues with our IOS App - please bear with us while we sort these out.

Mobile Downloads


iPhone Download Android Download

How to listen in the car?

One of our most frequently asked questions is how do i listen to Balsall Radio in the car given that it's not AM/FM/DAB? There are a number of ways you can listen some of which are listed below:



  • If your car has built in bluetooth you can connect your phone to the car using this guide for android and this guide for Apple devices.
  • You can then simply fire up the Balsall Radio App as you normally would and now it should now be playing through your cars speakers.


FM Transmitter 

  • If your car doesn't have bluetooth you can buy one of these devices which will let you broadcast your phones sound over FM so your car can pick up its audio via its built in FM radio
  • You can then simply fire up the Balsall Radio App as you normally would and now it should now be playing through your cars speakers.

AUX Cable 

  • The final and simplest solution would be to connect your phone to your car via its headphone port using an aux cable. You should refer to your cars instruction manual to determine whether your car has this port built in.
  • You can then simply fire up the Balsall Radio App as you normally would and now it should now be playing through your cars speakers.
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