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The Balsall Common Festival will be a big day for anyone associated with Balsall Common, and that's no exception for ourselves! On the 24th of September Balsall Radio is proudly attending the BC Fest, with the aim to showcase our best content and features; Live Coverage of the BC Festival, on air fun with the presenters, exclusive interviews, amazing music and finally our finest feature, interaction with our community.

To delve into more detail, on the day we have a fully packed schedule to complete the marathon of a show that will last 9 hours! We have interviews from Karl Loxley, the local resident who appeared on ‘The Voice’, and also interviews from key figures regarding the BC Festival. From 12am to 5pm we'll be bringing you taster shows of what you are likely to expect on Balsall Radio, and Games and festival updates from Sam, James and Raymond. On the stroke of 5pm Balsall Common’s own rendition of the popular TV show ‘The Voice’ will be commencing, and so to will our coverage of the competition.  We will have live reaction from the audience, the performers and of course ourselves. This will continue till 9pm, but of course this is not the end of our services on the day.

We have dedicated volunteers who will be walking round, distributing information leaflets and answering any of your questions regarding our station. We will also be offering the opportunity to some lucky volunteers to present live on the radio! 

If you’re there on the day we will be located on point six of your information booklets, or in more literal terms- the balcony of The Lant. You can of course also contact us at anytime throughout the day on twitter using the hashtag #bcfestlive @balsall_radio.

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  • Balsall Radio is a brand new, licensed internet radio station, located in Balsall Common, for Balsall Common, Berkswell, Meriden and the local area. We broadcast at least one live show per day and have an ever growing team of members and are always look for new applicants.


  • A great station with an excellent selection of music and excellent presenters.