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September 22, 2016

At Balsall Radio we are extremely proud of the wide variety of platforms we enhance our listening experience on. Undoubtedly our proudest service is our website you are reading from right now! 

The website enables you to catch up with everything Balsall Common, get to know our presenters and not forgetting of course the backroom staff, contact us, watch videos from the station and of course undoubtedly the best feature; being able to listen to us! 

Just type in or 

Of course though this is not the end of the service we provide. We also have a fantastic free app that is available on both Android and Apple devices. The app lets you listen to the station and also browse our social media accounts and website all at once. To download, all you have to do is search ‘Balsall Radio’ into your app store and we should pop up straight away.

Our Social media outlets are not essential to follow but we strongly suggest you take a peek at them. We’re on twitter @balsall_radio, facebook @balsallradio, instagram @balsallradio and for a more behind the scenes look into our station we’re on snapchat under the username of surprisingly ‘Balsall Radio’.

However if you are reading this and you still haven’t worked out how to listen to us, luckily we offer many ways for you to listen to us. You can listen on our website's homepage, or you can listen on the web and online and mobile application ‘TuneIn’, Just search ‘Balsall Radio’ and we should pop up. If all else fails, don’t worry we’re always available to contact on Facebook, Twitter.

At Balsall Radio we currently have 3 registered presenters at our disposal. These people have had good quality amount of experience within the radio industry, and all live in Balsall Common, So lets meet the team!

First on our list is probably the most influential figure in the Station, who goes by the name of Raymond Ritchie. Raymond boasts a wealth of experience in radio from being a founding member of the local secondary school radio station 'Fusion radio' and also of course the founding member of Balsall Radio. Raymond educated our two other presenters Alex and Sam, from the age of 11 when they joined 'fusion radio' all the way through until they finally left in 2016. You can find Raymond every Friday and Tuesday with his soon to be renound 'Cover Show' and his general music show on a Friday from 7pm.

The second presenter goes by the name of Samuel Hughes, who you would of heard if you tuned into our succesfull launch show on the 1st of september 2016. Sam's background in radio is both comical and interesting at the same time. At age 11 when Sam joined Raymond's 'Fusion Radio', the squeaky vioced shy student was terrified at the sight of a microphone let alone the prospect of presenting. However ever since the days of 2011, Sam has gained a newfound passion for radio which has seen him present for 3 internet radio stations in the past 3 years. He now studies within the broadcast pathway at Birmingham Orminston Academy, and of course resides in Balsall Radio's studios on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm. You can follow him on twitter; @kidcalledhughes, and instagram @hugheseyboi.

The final, and arguably most important, presenter at Balsall Radio holds the name Alex 'technology guru' Woodhouse. This man knows everything possible to do with technology, and is our rock of Gibraltar when it comes to the running of the station. His work includes managing the website, the stream, the social media content we post and so much more. You can aslo catch him every 30 mins on every live show we do,  with his 1 minute input of up to date news, weather and everything Balsall Common. He also lingers around Sam Hughes' shows regularly to participate in the many games Sam plays on the air.  

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Online Platforms

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September 10, 2016

At Balsall Radio we are extremely proud of the wide variety of platforms we enhance our listening experience on. Undoubtedly our proudest service is our website you are reading from right now! 

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  • Balsall Radio is a brand new, licensed internet radio station, located in Balsall Common, for Balsall Common, Berkswell, Meriden and the local area. We broadcast at least one live show per day and have an ever growing team of members and are always look for new applicants.


  • A great station with an excellent selection of music and excellent presenters.